My Te’ by Eten Craft is a delicious infusion of finest Ceylon teas with enticing fruit flavours in a cold ‘Ready-To-Drink (RTD) product. Our laboratories crafted this supreme beverage to give the consumer the incomparable and exquisite taste of Ceylon Tea in its single origin, natural goodness with all its wellness benefits intact. To make MyTe’ more refreshing and exciting, we chose synergistic and tempting combination of fruit flavours. Together, they create an extraordinary indulgence of refreshment, taste, hydration and wellness. MyTe has the tea antioxidants; wonder molecules from nature that is known to prevent diseases,  revitalize body and shield against degradation due to harsh surroundings. And they are lower in calories than most of the fruit juices and fizzy stuff; and do not contain any hidden or magic ingredients. MyTe is pure hydration with wellness, that can be consumed without guilt!
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